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Whether you’re moving into your first place, or already have a place, it’s important to have all the necessary home improvement services in place to ensure that your house will work perfectly for you and your family. With over 14 years of experience serving Central Florida, we know exactly how to get the job done right so that you can move into your new house with confidence that everything inside and out is properly cared for, whether it’s your kitchen or yard. We provide Central Florida homeowners with comprehensive home services including drywall repair and replacement, full renovation services and much more!

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Interior Painting

If you’re looking to freshen up your home, then a fresh coat of paint is just what you need. Interior painting also offers several other benefits. Your house will appear more spacious with, your walls will have a scrubbable surface to maintain sanitary and keep its true color, and painting inside can boost its value.

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Exterior Painting

No matter what type of exterior painting you have in mind, we can provide it. As a full-service exterior painting company, we handle every aspect of our clients’ projects: from preparation to clean-up. Our professional painters are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured knowing that your home will be painted efficiently and with no mess left behind.

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Cabinet Painting

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to buying new cabinets, consider painting your old ones. This can refresh your kitchen, and can make it look like you have all new cabinets without any of those any of the cabinet pricing. Best of all, when we finish the job, nobody will be able to tell they weren’t built yesterday!

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Drywall Services

When our homes were built, they were designed to last a long time. That’s why, if you’re reading this, it’s possible your house is showing signs of wear and tear. For example: sagging, texture damage, staining, and cracking. One issue that home owners experience is drywall damage—drywall is a building material used to create interior walls and ceilings within homes.


Baseboard Installation

Installing new baseboards can spruce up a room and make it look newer, but updating these can sometimes be a difficult task. If you don’t know what you’re doing, repairing or replacing old baseboards can lead to disastrous results that could cost you hundreds of dollars. If you want to install new baseboards, call our professional team first!

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Handyman Services

Want to improve your home’s curb appeal, but aren’t a do-it-yourself kind of person? Our Handyman services can help. Whether you want to install a new ceiling, wall fixture, a new faucet or any honey-do-list service, M&T is always ready to lend our skills and knowledge.

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Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services provide a thorough clean to both exterior and interior surfaces. Cleaning power washed driveways, garage floors, pool decks, tennis courts and sidewalks all make for good hygiene as well as curb appeal.

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